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A blend of silk and pashmina. Feels warm and light as well as smooth like silk.
Style: Scarf/Wrap/Pashmina/Shawl/Fringed
Color: Burgundy
Pattern: Gorgeous Paisley
Dimensions: 28" X 70"
Net Weight: 7.5 oz
Hand Wash Or Dry Clean Only

charles chou

very nice for everyone that would be interested in such a thing. I must tell you that my Mom loves this scarf very much.

Chriselda Jones

The Gorgeous paisley self-design gives the shawl a richer look. On closer examination, I found minute dark spots on one of the shawls, but since it seemed as though it was woven in the fabric I did not bother much. Since then I have used the shawls for various occasion, both casual and formal. I love the colors (#82302) I have. And guess what - three of my friends loved my shawls and ordred the same for themselves.

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